Workshops + Events

Private or public group events in your healing center, retreat, yoga studio, home, business or heart-centered space.

Note: Most workshops and events are available as a single event or series.

Sound Sangha: Introduction to the Power of Sound
Gather together online or in a physical space to experience the power of sound and uplifting community. Feel the sound in your body and be introduced to easy tools to release stress and heal in your body, mind and spirit. Be offered a peek into quantum biology to move beyond the limited and incorrect thinking of the past and into the vibrational understanding of modern science. Feel increased energy and gain the understanding that you can flourish!

SOULfeggio Sound Immersion
Be transported into a peaceful and blissful place while Helena sings along with solfeggio frequencies. Open up and clear your energy centers (aka Chakras) to promote healing and wellness with these solfeggio tones known since ancient times. Each frequency also has particular qualities of healing that it is known for.

These sound immersions focus upon particular frequencies or a selection of frequencies. Frequencies may include 174Hz (Relieve pain and stress), 285Hz (Heal Tissues & Organs), 396Hz (Clear Fear), 417Hz (Clear Negativity), 528Hz (Repair DNA, Positive Transformation), 639Hz (Amplify Love & Compassion), 741Hz (Detoxify Cells & Organs), 852Hz (Awaken Intuition, Raise Energy at Cellular Level, 963Hz (Connect to Higher Self).

Tune Up + Tune In with Sound + Breath
Human beings become de-tuned by the many forms of noise and electronic smog in our lives. In this workshop you will be introduced to sound and breath tools to help you tune up your body and mind and tune in to your inner wisdom. Reset your nervous system, support gene expression, refocus your mind upon beneficial activities and realign your spirit.

Mantra + Affirmations to Uplevel Your Life
Experience the healing vibrations of your own voice along with others to bring alive your desires and intentions and retune your energy systems for greater flourishing in your life. A “singing voice” is not necessary for this practice. We are all meant to sing, whether we can keep a tune or not! We uplift our communities in a ripple effect when we sing together in this way. You will take home mantras to sing or speak at home.

Breath + Sound Series
A multi-part series to amplify the vibrational frequencies you want to experience in your life. What will you breathe in… what will you breathe out? Breath is life, yet many of us breathe shallowly or barely give attention to our breathing. Learn to use your breath. Includes the HeartMath Institute's Quick Coherence® technique. Then once you are connected with your breath, we'll use sound to release stress and reinvigorate peace and joy.

Shanti Kirtan
Shanti means peace! Book Helena's kirtan band, Shanti Kirtan, for your retreat, event center, spiritual center, aligned business or spacious home. Sing call-and-response mantra for a heart-centered and uplifting experience.