About Helena Nash

Singer, Sound Healer, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Quantum Coach. Based in Portland, ME with in-person and online services.

Helena creates soundscapes and songs for healing, stress release, and spiritual and emotional connection. She brings her music and wisdom to yoga studios, healing centers and other heart-centered spaces, as well as her Sound Healing & Reiki private sessions.

Helena’s evocative voice and shimmering harmonies create a soulful, modern sound with an ancient backbone, while her luminous spirit and joy of singing shine brightly through. Her guitar playing and other instruments accompany her voice at times. 

Music has shaped Helena's life and purpose. Before she could walk she crawled around blowing into a harmonica and feeling the sound vibrate in her head. Her parents say she sang before she spoke. Throughout Helena's youth she sang everywhere she could, from the horse pasture and trees of her rural home to the many ensembles and stages in nearby towns. The beauty and power of music was always crystal clear to Helena, and she continuously followed that joy and passion with her voice and trumpet playing.

Helena graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in music from Monmouth College in 1992, then worked in recording studios in Chicago for 10 years. Later she criss-crossed the US and Canada, recording or touring with the folk community and with Kirtan artists such as Shantala, Gina Salá, C.C. White, Girish, Devadas (David Newman) and Deepak Ramapriyan (DPAK). She also co-produced the early years of Bhakti Fest when she lived in LA. After having lived in Chicago, Austin and Venice Beach, in 2011 she moved to Maine.

Helena has always brought her voice, heart, passion for music and natural ability to facilitate healing to everything she does. Over the years, she has come to understand that everything is vibration, and everything is connected in one consciousness.

Helena asks big questions and is eternally curious, continually exploring the growing body of science around sound and vibration for healing and spiritual connection. Her intuition is always a part of her healing work, as well.

Helena leads SOULfeggio Sound Immersions and various workshops focused on sound healing, mantra and quantum wisdom in yoga studios, private homes, corporate settings and healing centers.

She also works one-on-one with clients, as an instrument of healing in their lives, utilizing Sound, Reiki, and Quantum Coaching.

In service to the community of people who seek healing, vitality, peace, love and empowered living, Helena founded the Live Lighter Sound Sangha and co-founded the Kirtan group Shanti Kirtan.

- Bachelor of Arts in Music from Monmouth College
- Sound Healing
- Yoga Nidra
- Reiki Level II Attunement
- ThetaHealer® (Intuitive Anatomy, Manifesting Abundance, You & The Creator, You & Your Significant Other, Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper, Manifesting Abundance)

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