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Bless This Home

I would wish for us 10,000 moons 
To ask our questions and play our tunes 
For the birds and the trees of this mountain land 
And the love that joins our sweet strong hands 

And I would play all the notes for you 
And you'd sing the lyrics to carry us through 
I would wind down that river and know that it's gold 
And reach for the hearthstone whenever we're cold 

Bless this home – bless this home – bless this home 

Full moon riding bareback and free 
Race ya to the frog pond, water and just me 
Swimming through the starlight, sunshine and rain 
When lightning draws close we will gather the flame 


We can swim the Grand Canyon 
And hitchhike in France 
Learn Athabaskan 
See Lipizzans dance 

We can climb the Himalayas 
Look an emu in the face 
But there's no better spot 
Than our little place 


You can take all my money 
Though I'd rather you don't 
And take my daydreaming 
Though I know you won't 

I'll give you all my kisses 
And drop to my knee 
Just to look up at you 
And say what I see 


© 2010 Helena Nash  
Album: (Unreleased)

Even Tumbleweeds Travel Far

Growing up in a one horse town 
Edge of the world when the sun goes down 
City boys come out to play 
Kick up the dirt and the roses fade 

12 years old, what to believe 
Learnin’ life from a TV screen 
Waiting for the world to come through her door 
Looking for God in the big mall store 

Have a little faith for the way things could be 
Shine a little light through the crack of an open door 
Blow a little hope to her heart when it hurts
Throw a little rope, she'll climb through your words
Hey yeah - oh yeah...

He’s stealing time to run away 
The neighbors know why he doesn’t stay 
Love at home comes and goes 
The shade between the sunshine grows 

Let’s take them to the meadow breeze 
Peaches from the homestead trees 
Write a song about the pain 
Let the ink dry with the rain 

Have a little faith for the way things could be 
Shine a little light through the crack of an open door 
Blow a little hope to his heart when it hurts
Throw a little rope – he’ll climb out through your words
Hey yeah – oh yeah...

I heard them say… 
At least the stars at night don’t fade 
Send up a prayer for better days 
Wish a wish upon this star 
Even tumbleweeds travel far 

So, have a little faith for the way things could be 
Shine a little light through the crack of my open door 
Blow a little hope to my heart when it hurts 
Throw a little rope – I’ll climb out through your words 
Throw a little rope – I’ll climb out through your words 
Hey yeah – oh yeah.... 

© 2012 Helena Nash  
Album: (Unreleased)

Grace of God

This meal comes to me through the grace of god 
This new home is here through the grace of god 
My gratitude flows over 
And I lift my palms to say 
Thank you 

These tiny hands were born from me through the grace of god 
This little heart will grow to see through the grace of god 
A spirit living through us all 
That doesn't want a name 
Thank you 

And I pray, I pray 

*Bismillâh ir-rahmân ir-rahim 
**Susila budhi dharma 
***Sono benedetto, come lo sei tu 

When one day death comes to me through the grace of god 
I'll know I lived blissfully in the grace of god 
Suffering I have grown 
Song and laughter feed my bones 
I thank you 

*****Om Mani Padme Hum 

This day has come to me through the grace of god 

*Bismillâh ir-rahmân ir-rahim 
Translation from Arabic: 
(This phrase is said to contain the true essence of the Qur'an.) 
In the name of Allah, most Loving, most Compassionate.

**Susila budhi dharma 
Translation from Sanskrit, pronounced Indonesian: 
Susila: Good Action 
Budhi: Inner Heart 
Dharma: Dedication 
To follow the Will of God with the help 
of the Divine Power that works both 
within us and without, by way of 
surrendering oneself to the will of 
Almighty God. 

***Sono benedetto, come lo sei tu 
Translation from Italian: 
I am blessed, as are you.

Translation from Cherokee: 
Good peace: "a state of body, mind and spirit." 

*****Om Mani Padme Hum 
Translation from Sanskrit, pronounced Om Mani Peme Hung in Tibetan 
'Aum, to the Jewel in the Lotus, hum' In Buddhism, 
saying this mantra out loud or silently to oneself invokes 
the powerful benevolent attention and blessing of Chenrezig, 
the embodiment of compassion. Through this method and wisdom 
a being can transform impure body, speech and mind into the pure, 
exhalted body, speech and mind of a Buddha.

© 2008 Helena Nash 
Album: Painting A Moving Train

Mama Paris

Oh, I love you son 
Mmmm, my time has come  

It's not that I'm ready to leave you, son 
It's not that I wish to die 
It's my time to become an angel star 
When you need me that angel won't be far - walk on. 

The world here is fading for me 
All your life my light has shone for thee 
Now it's time to give my light to the sky 
Lift your eyes, I'll sing you a lullaby - walk on. 

Love me, love me son 
Let me go now, go now son 
When you look up in the sky at night 
Mama Paris will be a shining light - mm hmm 

She said listen son, hear what I say 
You've got a gift to be giving every day 
Raise your voice to the heavens and sing 
In harmony the universe will ring - will ring (will ring, will ring) 

Walk on, walk on 
Shine on, shine on 
Take my love and carry on 
Put your voice and your spirit in your song - my son 

Now Mama's silent and her breath grows still 
I'm loving her with all my will 
In the space she leaves you can hear her voice 
As I sing and the air becomes sweet noise 

I'm singing 
Walk on, walk on 
Shine on, shine on 
Oh, Mama Paris, your light lives on 
Your voice and your spirit are in my song 

I gotta 
Walk on, walk on 
Shine on, shine on 
Oh, Mama Paris, your light lives on 
Your voice and your spirit are in my song - you shine on

© 2008 Helena Nash
Album: Painting A Moving Train

Open To

Singing in the darkness 
There I find the light 
Feeling for the markers 
To guide my sight 

Beads between the fingers 
Prayer flags on the wire 
Kneel into the sweat lodge 
Breathe into the fire 

Hear the raven calling 
Fearless in his flight 
Rest in his protection 
Let the winds tell time 

Faith is believing 
When the moment arrives 
Your feet will stand on something 
Or you'll be taught to fly 

I am open 
I release 
I am open to all that the door could 
Open to – open to 
I… am open to 

Take these thoughts of trouble 
Feed them to the flame 
Speak into the silence 
The echo is my name 

Bring it to the ocean 
Build it in the sand 
Let the wind and water 
Wash this empty hand

Dive into the sunrise 
Grass between my toes 
Muscle stretching stronger 
The grace within me grows 

Tread our trail lightly 
Talk with trusted tongue 
Love as big as the dipper 
That pours a billion suns 


Turn another corner 
Write another page 
Lift my eyes above 
The platform of this stage 

Thread another needle 
Draw another line 
Give the gifts I'm given 
Grateful one more time 


Lokah Samastah sukhino bhavantu
Om shanti shanti shanti Om

Let all beings be happy 
Peace for all

© 2010 Helena Nash 
Album: (Unreleased)

Our Children Speak For Us All

The moon on the lake is a shimmering light 
The stars in my eyes are gifts from the night 
This quiet I treasure feeds my soul  
The forest around me so long my home 

The moss on the rocks is the softest of beds 
As I lay down my heart and cushion my head 
I’ve come here since I was a child 
My playground, my teacher, this call of the wild 

Now I raise my voice to sing with the frogs 
Save us from the logger’s saw 

These hills that I climb are as old as the wind 
The trees below, the breath I breathe in 
Our Children’s Forest plays in the light 
Sways with the waters and heartbeats of life 

I call into the rain that falls 
Save us from the logger’s saw 

What is the price of a parcel of air 
The value of a tree that lives there 
What if a council of creatures could make 
A covenant forever, let no logger take 

The trees, the wolves, the salmon stream 
Ferns and mosses, the owl’s dreams 
All daughters and sons, each red-legged frog 
Lizards, birds, this home to us all 

And now our children speak for us all 
Save us from the logger’s saw 
Save us from the logger’s saw

© 2012 Helena Nash
Album: (Unreleased)

Sittin' On The Lotus

Sittin' on the lotus 
What does it mean? 
Add a little pepper 
Make you smile or make you scream 

Dive in inspiration 
Flying down the stream 
Apocalypse these chocolate lips 
And see the things unseen 

Sittin’ on the lotus 
Blinking of an eye 
Thinking’s hocus pocus 
Like slithering of time 

Where to put your motion 
Where to plant the seeds 
How to intersect this dialect 
With all humanity 


Pour a little sugar 
Sweetness for awhile 
Distraction interaction 
Drive a million miles 

Jump into the TV 
Forget you know to breathe 
Or dance the dance of living 
Dance the dance with me 


© 2012 Helena Nash 
Album: (Unreleased)

Wandering Seed (Where Is My Home?)

Where is my home? 
Where do I belong? 
Where am I going? 
How can I stay strong? 
Where is my home? 
Where can I breathe? 
Bless me with water 
Plant this wandering seed 
Where is my home? 

He was just seven 
When his family changed 
Since daddy left them 
His heart was never the same 
There was a hole 
That nothing could fill 
So he took to wandering 
And he's wondering still 


She's taken the anger 
And bottled her tears 
Put a spell on the rising wind 
To blow her away from here 
She says I am weary 
Starting again 
Like shadows on a moonless night 
The darkness sets in 


© 2008 Helena Nash
Album: Painting A Moving Train

What I Wouldn't Give

I will never know where the winds have blown before me 
I will never see what hands were laid upon you 
I can only see the pain you carry with you 
In my arms I hold you now 

I will never know what highways laid before you 
Or the truckers who were your bus ride to school 
Scarlet was the color in your dreams, you said 
So while you sleep I hold you now 

What I wouldn't give to release you 
From the thoughts that fly inside your head 
What I wouldn't give to simply love you 
I am here, I hold you now 

I will always look for the good I see inside you 
When you're lost in the darkness swimming in your head 
And I will lay the rainbow out before you 
Rest your mind, I hold you now 


No fear, I hold you now 
Breathe with me, I hold you now 
Always know I'm holding you...

© 2008 Helena Nash 
Album: (Unreleased)


Aad Guray Nameh
Aad Guray Nameh
Jugaad Guray Nameh 
Sat Guray Nameh 
Siri Guroo Dayvay Nameh

I bow to the Primal Wisdom 
I bow to the Wisdom of all the ages 
I bow to the True Wisdom 
I bow to the Great Invisible Wisdom

This is a mantra for protection. (Sanskrit, Sikh)

Gayatri Mantra 
Om bhur bhuvaha svaha  
Tat savitur varenyam  
Bhargo devasya dhimahi 
 Dhiyo yonah prachodayat  

This is a highly revered mantra in the Hindu tradition and translates to something like this: Praise to the source of  all things. It is due to you that we attain true happiness on the planes of earth, astral, causal. It is due to your transcendent nature that you are worthy of being worshipped and adored. Ignite us with your all pervading light. (Sanskrit, Hindu)

Hare Krishna Mantra
Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare
Hare Rama, Hare Rama
Rama Rama, Hare Hare

This mantra also known as the Maha mantra, or “Great" mantra. It's a sacred poem recited for its ability to promote higher consciousness and God-realization. The mantra consists of the repetition of the names of three Hindu deities – Hare, Krishna and Rama. Hare refers to either the energy of Hari (Lord Vishnu) or Hara (Krishna's consort, Shakti). Krishna and Rama are the names of two avatars of Lord Vishnu. (Sanskrit, Hindu)

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo
Nam derives from the Sanskrit word 'namu' or 'namas' meaning 'to devote oneself'. Myoho:- Myoho literally means Mystic Law – the eternal truth or principle that permeates all phenomena.

Another translation would be "I devote myself to the Lotus Sutra" or I devote myself to the Buddha inside me and awaken it to experience life at its deepest level. (Sanskrit, Buddhist)

Om (also spelled Aum) is believed to be the origin of all sound.

Om Asatomo
Om asatomo satgamaya 
Tamasoma jyotir gamaya 
Mrityorma amritamgamaya
Om shanti shanti shanti

Lead me from darkness to the light 
Lead me from death to immortality 
Om peace, peace, peace

Take us from the false to the truth, from darkness to light, from poison to nectar. (Sanskrit, Hindu)

Om Gum Ganapatayei Namah is a Sanskrit mantra that is typically translated as “salutations to the remover of obstacles.” It is one of many mantras chanted to the Hindu god, Ganesh, who is also known as Ganapati or Ganapatayei and is recognizable by his elephant's head. He is, as the mantra suggests, the remover of obstacles who brings success, but he is also the god of beginnings and is associated with arts and sciences, knowledge and wisdom. (Sanskrit, Hindu)

Om Namah Shivaya calls upon the highest, purest Self. This mantra may be considered an act of respectfully bowing to Shiva as the “true Self,” identifying that each person is eternal, even after the body is destroyed. (Sanskrit, Hindu)

Sat Nam means True Name, which is one way to say "God." (Gurmukhi, Sikh)

Shima shima shima shima 
Shima shima 
Shi- maya 

Shima means love. (Hopi)

Tikun Olam
Tikun Olam, Tikun Olam
Tikun Olam, Bakesh Shalom

Tikun Olam is a Jewish concept defined by acts of kindness performed to perfect or repair the world. Bakesh Shalom means to work for peace. While this is not a traditional chant, Tikun Olam is a deeply held concept in the Jewish tradition and can be sung as a chant. (Hebrew, Judaism)

Wahe Guru can be translated as "I am in ecstasy when I experience the Indescribable Wisdom" as we go from darkness to light, from ignorance to true understanding. Wahe Guru is the Infinite teacher of the soul. (Gurmukhi, Sikh)


Note: There are many translations and interpretations of these chants. Those offered here are sourced from a number of resources. In parenthesis at the end of each chant is the language and tradition from which the chants originates, to the best of my knowledge.





But Please I Must Insist

But please I must insist 
on this persistence 
and resist the reluctance 
that comes as I measure 
the mission before me. 

Drop the drivel 
and stop the swivel 
and mount the flowers on the balustrade 
to parade the vision 
before the masses. 

What would I miss 
were I to kiss the sweet face 
of the entire race that 
runs and rolls and strolls 
under the sun? 

We are wanting of nothing. 

March 31, 3010


We gather our strength 
and our voice 
for this profound and humble 
Creature of habit 
we burst forth 
from the cocoon of ineptitude, 
drawing forth 
our most beautiful patterns and hues. 
The wings extend 
toward the sun and 
the winds come 
to carry the butterfly safely 
to the light. 

August 15, 2005

i am

i am 
the anchor to the sun 
the sprinter before the run 
the pause before the night 
the wing that longs for flight 

i am 
the marrow that loves the bone 
the seed the fruit has sown 
the ant the eater eats 
the presence of peace 

i am 
the asking without words 
the honey the bees have stirred 
the tendril entwining light 
the black that knows the white 

i am 
the dreamer dreaming dreams 
the rock that guides the stream 
the heat that burns the fire 
the shaman reaching higher 

i am 
the heartbeat in the tone 
the hearthside of the home 
the hope in hopeless nights 
the rooster who will not fight 

i am 
the bird who calls the dawn 
the lover loving long 
the weight that lifts the stone 
the wish that finds its home 

March 24, 2010

I Come To You

I come to you 
and a landslide of joy 
rumbles and releases 
any roughness of my landscape 

My heart 
lies under here 
and amazed 
by the new fallen snow 

December 29, 2009