Sound Healing for Manifesting Dreams

 — (EDT, UTC-04) — (EDT, UTC-04)

The Healing Spa, 124 Maine Street, Suite 19, Brunswick, ME

Sound Healing for Inner Peace! After the Brunswick Maine Artwalk, stay for an hour of soothing sound in the EESystem room at The Healing Spa on Maine Street. See how quickly your feelings of stress can fall away! You'll be joining the massively expanding community who are bringing the ancient wisdom and modern science of SOUND FOR HEALING into their lives! All you have to do is show up and relax. Feel the welcome relief that intentional sound offers to REDUCE STRESS, ANXIETY AND OVERWHELM, and PROMOTE the WELL-BEING that is our natural state. Sound also supports QUALITY SLEEP and good MENTAL FOCUS. And it just FEELS GOOD!

EESYSTEM - The Energy Enhancement System at The Healing Spa in Brunswick is the perfect complement to this nourishing sound and meditation experience. Every time I'm in this room I feel MORE ENERGY AND VITALITY in the following weeks. I'm someone who has struggled with significant fatigue and brain fog, so this is a huge gift to me! The EESystem has become one of my most important supports for vitality and healing. I'm sooo grateful, and now I'm offering this opportunity to YOU every month.

HELENA NASH - Hi! I look forward to meeting you! Here's a bit about me: Helena Nash of Live Lighter Sound + Success lovingly leads this sound and musical meditation experience. Her soulful singing and speaking voice guide participants into deeper states of relaxation. She also plays various instruments that may include singing bowls, Native American flute, guitar, and solfeggio frequencies. Helena is a professional singer-songwriter, Reiki Master, ThetaHealer and lover of transformative wisdom and action.

This month's Session is 1 Hour of Sound + Silence in the EESystem Room. Space for 16 participants only, so register today!

"A sound healing session with Helena is like a lullaby for the soul." - Maya M.

Shanti Kirtan - Pathway To Bliss

 — (EDT, UTC-04) — (EDT, UTC-04)

Kula Yoga Fest, 41 Observatory Way, Intervale, NH

Shanti means Peace. Kirtan is the practice of group singing/chanting to deepen our connection with The Divine. Shanti Kirtan offers an invitation to immerse oneself in the direct experience of co-creative expression and the empowerment of Peace both within ourselves and for the world at large. The members of Shanti Kirtan (Rev. Todd Glacy, Helena Nash, Marni Prince and Jason Prince) create a collective atmosphere that is both safe and sacred, allowing everyone to feel truly welcomed, relaxed and encouraged to share their voices and open their hearts. With a vast wealth of spiritual, musical, yoga and wellness based backgrounds and talents, they skillfully combine simple yet beautiful melodies of mantras and soulful songs along with high-energy devotional expression to create a uniquely accessible, powerfully moving and profoundly transformative experience.

“It is truly awe-inspiring to witness firsthand how Shanti Kirtan brings people together and creates a harmonious, connected and loving space. At the end of the evening I am left feeling open-hearted, connected, more balanced, and full of JOY.” - Rebecca LaWind, Owner, Ways to Wellness Center.

Early Bird pricing until 6/15!

Join us at Santosha for a joyful long weekend of delicious wining and dining as we contemplate the (true) spirit of the season. This weekend features a mindful wine tasting course with our sommelier Friday evening; an elegant farm-to-table wine pairing dinner in partnership with our boutique importer on Saturday evening; and various activities in intention setting and somatic grounding practices with joyful live music from Shanti Kirtan!

Meanwhile, Santosha provides all the programming you know and love from our Holistic Retreats every day, so you have plenty of options outside the program—four daily meals, three daily yoga classes, two daily meditations, our nightly dharma talk, and more. Spend the days in reflection, then wrap up the day with a good soak in the jacuzzi, a steam in our brand new cedar barrel sauna, and a hot toddy by the fire.

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