1. Grace of God

From album Painting A Moving Train 2008.


Grace of God

This meal comes to me through the grace of god
This new home is here through the grace of god
My gratitude flows over
And I lift my palms to say
Thank you

These tiny hands were born from me through the grace of god
This little heart will grow to see through the grace of god
A spirit living through us all
That doesn't want a name
Thank you

And I pray, I pray

*Bismillâh ir-rahmân ir-rahim
**Susila budhi dharma
***Sono benedetto, come lo sei tu

When one day death comes to me through the grace of god
I'll know I lived blissfully in the grace of god
Suffering I have grown
Song and laughter feed my bones
I thank you

*****Om Mani Padme Hum

This day has come to me through the grace of god

*Bismillâh ir-rahmân ir-rahim
Translation from Arabic:
(This phrase is said to contain the true essence of the Qur'an.)
'In the name of Allah, most Loving, most Compassionate'

**Susila budhi dharma
Translation from Sanskrit, pronounced Indonesian:
Susila: Good Action
Budhi: Inner Heart
Dharma: Dedication
To follow the Will of God with the help
of the Divine Power that works both
within us and without, by way of
surrendering oneself to the will of
Almighty God.

***Sono benedetto, come lo sei tu
Translation from Italian:
I am blessed, as are you

Translation from Cherokee:
Good peace: "a state of body, mind and spirit"

*****Om Mani Padme Hum
Translation from Sanskrit, pronounced Om Mani Peme Hung in Tibetan
'Aum, to the Jewel in the Lotus, hum' In Buddhism,
saying this mantra out loud or silently to oneself invokes
the powerful benevolent attention and blessing of Chenrezig,
the embodiment of compassion. Through this method and wisdom
a being can transform impure body, speech and mind into the pure,
exhalted body, speech and mind of a Buddha.

©2008 Helena Nash