What is Sound Healing?

Future medicine is the medicine of frequencies.” - Albert Einstein

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." - Nikola Tesla

Sound healing provides your body, mind and spirit with the opportunity to release stress and to heal on deep levels. Using intentional music and tones, a sound healer helps a person's body to relax and experience coherence (aka everything working in harmony). In this state of relaxation and coherence, a person's body is able to experience conditions in which it can rejuvenate and heal.

It's important to understand that the power that made the body heals the body. A Sound "Healer” doesn't actually heal the person. A Sound Healer helps to create the conditions in which a person's body can heal itself. Healing isn't done to you. The healing is within YOU!

To create supportive soundscapes and focused healing tones for an individual or group, Sound Healers often use various instruments and frequencies. If they sing, they use the voice. As a lifelong singer, Helena Nash's primary sound healing instrument is her voice. She also plays other frequencies and instruments such as guitar, Native American flute, singing bowls, gong, solfeggio frequencies and more.

A key understanding in sound and energy healing is that humans are vibrational. In fact, everything that exists is vibrational. Quantum physics has shown us that our old understanding of things being mechanical and material isn't accurate. This includes our bodies!

Every atom in our bodies is electromagnetic and responds to vibrational frequencies. Every cell in our body has protein-based “antennae” that allow our cells to perceive and respond to environmental conditions. As Bruce Lipton has shared in his seminal book, "A Biology of Belief," our DNA expresses differently depending upon our perceptions--and, in fact, our DNA can even be passed down to our children differently depending upon what we perceive from our environment over time.

One of the most troubling perceptions is STRESS. It turns out that stress and anxiety have more impact on people's physical and mental health globally than any other factor. Intentional sound releases stress so that we can move out of fight or flight mode and into rest, digest and heal. 

Sound, breathwork and stress-reducing practices can profoundly and beneficially impact our experience of health and vitality. The HeartMath Institute has extensively studied the importance of heart coherence, and these tools can be incorporated into a sound practice.

Modern science is even rediscovering what the Siddhi's in India knew 8000 years ago and the monks in Europe discovered in the 11th Century... certain frequencies of sound when combined with intention are inherently healthy for humans. We can literally tune ourselves into an experience of health and vitality, and experience qualities of joy, ease, peace and love in the process. 

Sound Healer and Energy Medicine practitioner Helena Nash is available for IN-PERSON and ONLINE 1:1 sessions, workshops and events. Contact her to discuss your needs.

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Helena's soulful, healing singing voice is her main instrument... and here are a few of the other instruments that she plays!