Empathy Sessions

Do you ever wish you had someone to listen completely and compassionately to your words and feelings... someone who can hold space for you and reflect back to you without having an agenda?

Helena Nash is an empath and HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) who can be very present for you in an uplifting way. Clients leave sessions feeling lighter and more centered. Clients sometimes experience resolution to an internal conflict and often feel compassion and self-love during the session.

Empathy sessions are talking-and-listening sessions which often incorporate Reiki at some point in the session to help re-tune the client's energy systems. The client leaves feeling calmer, clearer less stressed than when they arrived.

This practice is beneficial to all aspects of health and wellbeing, as clients move from tighter to lighter during the session. Body, mind and emotions all benefit from a more spacious attitude, and the client's connection with their intuition can also be heightened through this work.

These sessions are wonderful in person and also very effective over phone or Skype/FaceTime. For a remote session the client is encouraged to find a peaceful space without a lot of activity, such as a quiet room or in the woods. In-person sessions are in Portland, Maine unless otherwise arranged.

For the Reiki portion of the session, "life force energy" is directed through a practitioner's hands to provide the client's body and energy systems with an infusion of energy. This healing energy can help the client to experience healing on physical, emotional and mental levels, reducing stress and creating the conditions for beneficial changes to take place. 

During the session the client wears comfortable clothes and lies down on a massage table or sits in a chair. The practitioner places hands lightly on the client to direct energy into various areas such as the head, stomach, heart, knees and feet. Helena may sing at times during the session when additional vibrational therapy feels appropriate.

Sessions are respectful and professional.


30 Minutes - $65
60 Minutes - $122
90 Minutes - $165