New Moon Manifesting Ceremony

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Online Zoom

June 10, 2021 New Moon Manifestation Ceremony 6:30-8:30PM ET (US) Online via Zoom $11 Online Zoom event

Pay using Evolveinyourenergy@gmail (281/844-2697) for Venmo or Paypal or website:

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Come join us for this beautiful, heart-opening experience as we amplify our manifestations for this new time in humanity, and get the updated astrological information for the month.

Moon in Gemini manifests itself by the need for changes and spontaneity. Safety lies in thinking about your feelings and sharing them with others. You can be more talkative and speak with ease these days. You might have a better ability to keep a cool head, but beware, a cold heart can discourage others. Harmony of thinking and feeling is important.

Organs: Shoulders, arms, hands, respiratory system, bronchial tubes, lungs, nervous connections for Sensor and motor skills, blood capillaries (exchange system).

Beth Newman ThetaHealing Manifestation, belief releases and feeling downloads from Creator /Source Energy.

Helena Nash will sing for us to raise the vibration.

Jake Young will open and close the directions.

Kassia Justine will talk about the astrological-changes to look forward on.

The cost is $11 via Venmo or Paypal once payment is received we will send you the zoom link 281/844-2697

$11 USD