Helena Nash Music

Helena Nash is a Singer and Energy Medicine practitioner based in Portland, Maine. Helena creates soundscapes and songs for healing, stress release, and spiritual and emotional connection. She brings her music and wisdom to yoga studios, healing centers and other heart-centered spaces, as well as her Reiki & Sound Healing private sessions.

Helena’s evocative voice and shimmering harmonies create a soulful, modern sound with an ancient backbone, while her luminous spirit and joy of singing shine brightly through. Her guitar playing at times accompanies her voice. 

“The voice is the most ancient instrument of all. When it’s used with the intention of healing and helping, its rich and fluid qualities help people to experience a sense of harmony and home within themselves. The vibration of a loving voice can be a significant aid to feeling healthy and peacefully present.” 
- Helena Nash

Helena is inspired by the science behind sound healing and meditation, as well as the pure, glorious feeling of creating music. She holds a degree in music from Monmouth College and toured throughout the US and Canada as a singer-songwriter for five years. Having lived in Chicago, Austin and Venice Beach, in 2011 she moved to Maine.

Helena is a founding member of Shanti Kirtan. "Surrender To Sound," a Yin Yoga and Live Music Experience, is offered in various yoga studios and other venues in Maine. Attendees of this class immerse themselves in the sound current while being guided through a meditative and rejuvenating yin yoga experience led by Nicole French.

Helena is a Certified ThetaHealer® and has completed the Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper, Manifesting Abundance, You & The Creator, You and Your Significant Other and Intuitive Anatomy courses in the ThetaHealing® technique. She has received Level II Reiki attunement and is certified in Yoga Nidra.

Helena was a full-time touring singer-songwriter for five years and continues to offer music in many venues including festivals, yoga studios, healing centers and more.

Contact Helena to book a Music Event or schedule a private Music Mantra Session or Reiki & Sound Healing Session.