New Moon Manifesting Ceremony

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Come join us for this beautiful, heart-opening experience to focus on manifesting for this new time in humanity and receive the updated astrological information for the month.

Sunday, January 2, 2022 New Moon Manifesting Ceremony 6:30-8:00PM ET (US) Online via Zoom $11 USD

This monthly ceremony is co-created by Beth Newman, Helena Nash, Jake Young and Sarah Bloomfield Curley, each offering our special gifts and skills to those gathered.

A NEW MOON represents the start of a new lunar cycle and symbolizes new beginnings. We use the energy of a new moon to achieve our goals or start on a new project—to reflect on old goals and set new ones.


First New Moon 2022 In Capricorn

When we acknowledge our learning on how to manage our own world, not everyone else’s experience. Recognizing everyone has their own truths and ideas. Being in compassion for the differences between asking and enforcing conformity. Gifts of Capricorn: Self-preservation, self-determination, self-control, traditional, hard-working, grounded, compassion, trust, accountability, systematic ways of thinking, dependability, patience, humor, social justice awakenings.

Organs: Body Systems: Skin, hair, and knees. Teeth. Joints, especially the knees. Bones and the skeletal system. Anterior pituitary gland. Gall bladder. Processing and maintaining energy reserves. Regulation of body systems, especially through the hormonal system.

These organs are now more sensitive so provide them with extra care.

We will be releasing any beliefs that are holding us back from successful living and downloading new beliefs in a Theta brainwave.

Payment Details:

$11 USD - Online Zoom Event

Please sign up here by Saturday 1/1 (Zoom link will be sent out on Saturday):


Beth Newman, Master ThetaHealing Manifestation, belief releases and feeling downloads from Creator /Source Energy.

Helena Nash will sing for us to raise the vibration.

Jake Young will open and close the directions and lead the journey to this month's power animal for this new moon.

Sarah Bloomfield Curley, Intuitive Coach, Trance Channel, Healer and Spiritual Teacher awakening the multidimensional self through light language, and spiritual empowerment

$11 USD

$11 USD