Surrender To Sound - Yin Yoga & Live Music

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Scarborough Yoga, 433 US Route 1, Scarborough, ME

Immerse yourself in the sound current while going deep into a meditative and rejuvenating yin yoga experience. Surrender to Sound is a Yin Yoga & Sound Healing event created by Nicole French & Helena Nash.

In the tradition of Yin Yoga, the holding of a pose for multiple minutes can be challenging, especially when the mind is restless. Add the beautiful vibration of a human voice, and this happens with much more ease. In this class, the vocal and instrumental tones created by Helena Nash will be woven through the Yin Yoga sequence led by Nicole French, with an intention of gentle healing for the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Poses will target the connective tissues that support the muscular and skeletal systems while attention is trained on the senses. Practicing the principles of yin yoga in combination with this amazing sound current will resonate with students of all levels!