About Helena Nash

Helena Nash is a Singer, ThetaHealer®, Reiki Practitioner and Professional Organizer based in Portland, Maine. 

While Helena Nash's professional services may seem diverse on first glance, her music, healing and organizing services all serve the same goals: Release, Reorganize and Energize.

RELEASE   First she works with clients to release whatever isn't serving them, whether in a physical space or in body, thoughts and emotions. The sorts of things that are released range from limiting beliefs to material items in a home or office.

REORGANIZE   Then she helps clients to experience new beliefs and/or organize possessions in a way that is much more beneficial to their lives.

ENERGIZE   This is really the goal! Most of us want our lives to feel energized and inspired so that we can experience joy and purpose in the activities and attentions of our daily lives.

Helena works with clients remotely and in person all over the US.

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Helena is a Certified ThetaHealer® and has completed the Basic DNA and Advanced DNA seminars in the ThetaHealing® technique. She has received Level II Reiki attunement and is certified in Yoga Nidra. She also hold a degree in music from Monmouth College and was a full-time touring singer-songwriter for five years as well as offering music in many venues including festivals, yoga studios, healing centers and more.

Helena loves nature, learning, deep conversations, laughter and helping people (including herself!) to live lives that feel meaningful, healthy, joyful and aligned.