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As I stand outside the door
I hear you in the distance sing
A youthful mouth of water
Tempting this old spring
Long in desperation
A spinning homemade wheel
Sculpted to the fashion
Of something I once felt

Unquenchable rain
Pouring in the distance
Where two hearts refrain
Unquenchable rain
Falling in the distance
Where two hearts remain
(Alt: A glass of pure disdain)

There is no church to go to
No sin I can confess
I left love to bear witness to
The crumbs left in my bed
If any words are uttered
Like prayers to eyes unseen
Reflections of things broken
Turn from black to green


It should be up to us but
It's only up to me to let you go

Eyes close - Sleep comes
Too often for crying nights to count
Washing through my soul into
The corners of my mouth
Wanton loss of reason
Left where it ought to be
Roadside bottles posing symbols
To the thirst that lies in me


(Bridge End)


Greg Greer: Vocals, Guitar
Helena Nash: Vocals, Mandolin

©2008 Gregory A. Greer

updated: 7 years ago