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While living in the Caribbean in the mid-90's, Greg befriended a woman named Abby who told of a ghost from her past and spoke of the healing still to come.

Abby is a friend of mine
She doesn't like to sleep alone
Abby is a friend of mine
On the streets too long

She can match you in addiction
Self-imposed infliction
Where few fear to tread
But her eyes are always fixed
In a melancholy distance
Just outside her head

Abby needs a place to heal
The wounds are growing deeper
She doesn't really need to steal
It's that life keeps trying to cheat her


Abby needs to be forgiven
But a ghost gets in the way
Abby needs to raise the dead
From a powdered grave



Helena Nash: Vocals
Greg Greer: Vocals, Guitar

©2008 Gregory A. Greer

updated: 7 years ago