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A wrought iron chair from Greg's childhood still rests in the yard at his parents' home in Braidwood, Illinois. One summer afternoon Greg used the chair as and element in a painting for his mom. As he was looking at the finished canvas, memories flooded in, and Greg began to think of all those little things that are small but dear in the recollecting of life's experiences. He said to his mom, "It's like a little girl dancing on your shoes."

It's a chair since I was born
Wrought iron hanging round on the porch
Doesn't really mean much anymore
But to me and my silly endearments

Like a little girl dancing on your shoes
Like a little boy playing Robin Hood
There's a place in your heart that is good
It's just filled with silly endearments

There's a table in the dining room
Where my dog Hoss got in the wood
I was a child, he was my best friend
As I look at that silly endearment


There's a car that my dad would drive fast
Oh the thrill when he'd hit the gas
That Plymouth's just a picture anymore
But what a roar in the silly endearment



Greg Greer: Vocals, Guitar
Helena Nash: Vocals

©2008 Gregory A. Greer

updated: 7 years ago