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Oddly inspired by a cattle truck maze in Illinois called Bovine Befuddlement (the cow is sacred in some places), this song marinated on the bus trip down to the heart of Texas where Greg began to evolve the melodies, searching his soul for sacred connection.

Cast stones to the sea
Try to believe
You're not wasting your time
Wasting your time
Sing a song to the wind
Let life begin
As you have sung
As you have sung

And the place that you seek
Will somehow be
Smiling over your shoulder
It's where the grass is green
Divine befuddlement

Stripped to the waist
In this holy place
Where your fears are released
Quiet and peace

Incense that burns
Spirit it yearns
For a place to be found
Onto holy ground


When Mary came to the door
The sun was shining
Feast lying at her feet
The bell chimed
Believing what she sees comes so easily
While she's dreaming
Life and loving signs
Surrounding her in time
There adorning

(Rpt. first verse)


Greg Greer: Vocals, Guitar
Helena Nash: Vocals

©2008 Gregory A. Greer

updated: 7 years ago