Heart That's Whole

from New Lyrics - Unreleased Songs

He meant to treat her well, she knew
He had so many hurts and fears to work through
Angry, loving, hard as ice
The moments rolled with slippery dice

She beat her fists on that cupboard door
Had to let out what she couldn’t hold anymore
So familiar was this home
Six months past the time to go

Should she ask to love a little less?
And give something other than her best?
Pouring love in a vessel with a hole
Won’t ever fill him ‘til he’s whole

She’ll be gone
Stayed six months too long,
but she’ll be gone, she’ll be gone

In the corner crying bucket tears
The road just the other side of here
Shaking so her heart beat fast
Why was that door so hard to pass?

Little girl in the room next door
It’s good her daddy loved her more
Little girl in the woman’s heart
Gave her one last kiss sleeping in the dark

Should she ask to love a little less?
She’s not her mama though you’d never guess
Pouring love into that little girl
Is there time to give her one more pearl?

But she’ll be gone
For that little girl she could never stay too long, but she’ll be gone

Well, they had wept and they had yelled
The size of misunderstanding only swelled
The force of his fears overtook her Zen
She’s looking for a gentler man

It takes loss to walk through doors
To the open spaces of new dance floors
The steps she’ll share, the songs she’ll sing
Are for all spirits imagining Spring

She won’t ask to love a little less
And she’ll always give her very best
But she asks to love a heart that’s whole
And she’ll fill it up ‘til it overflows

She’s strong
Six months gone, and she’s strong, she’s strong

And she lives to dance along
(singing/improvising swaying dance song)

©2011 Helena Nash

updated: 7 years ago