Open To

from New Lyrics - Unreleased Songs

Singing in the darkness
There I find the light
Feeling for the markers
To guide my sight

Beads between the fingers
Prayer flags on the wire
Kneel into the sweat lodge
Breathe into the fire
Hear the raven calling
Fearless in his flight
Rest in his protection
Let the winds tell time

Faith is believing
When the moment arrives
Your feet will stand on something
Or you'll be taught to fly

I am open
I release
I am open to all that the door could
Open to – open to
I… am open to

Take these thoughts of trouble
Feed them to the flame
Speak into the silence
The echo is my name

Bring it to the ocean
Build it in the sand
Let the wind and water
Wash this empty hand
Dive into the sunrise
Grass between my toes
Muscle stretching stronger
The grace within me grows

Tread our trail lightly
Talk with trusted tongue
Love as big as the dipper
That pours a billion suns


Turn another corner
Write another page
Lift my eyes above
The platform of this stage

Thread another needle
Draw another line
Give the gifts I'm given
Grateful one more time


(The Universal Prayer in Sanskrit that means "Let all be happy.")
Loka. Samasta. Sukino. Bhavantu.
Om shanti shanti shanti Om.

©2010 Helena Nash

updated: 5 years ago