play Close At Heart


If I told you once
I've told you a million times
That you are precious to me

When I hold my hand
Up to your face
And let my fingers trace and slowly chase
The tears that come
When you're close at heart

Now the road is calling
Through my happiness
Though I stand like a child this man must move on
Don't ask me why it's like this

And while my heart is breaking
To see your tears
I'll be back someday, just seems too cruel to say
When you're close at heart

The loneliness will come
The silence too much
And when I long for you there in my times of despair
When I just need your touch

Well I'll say a prayer
Only God understands
That He'll give me the strength and the patience to wait
Just to see you again
When we're close at heart


Greg Greer: Vocals, Piano
Barbara H. Nashold: Vocals

©2004 Gregory A. Greer

updated: 7 years ago