play You Never Know


Went out to the lake
Trying to make the meaning of something
That hurt my heart too much
Was it a mistake
Was I just biding time, making up rhymes
To count the cost to what it's worth

You never know where the end begins
But you have to try anyway
You never know
'Til it takes off in your hands
You never know if it's just the truth
Trying to make itself known to you
You never know until you try

Dreams you've had
There's dreams that everyone's living in
Dreams that we could be more than friends
With words unspoken
There's things you wanna say but anyway
You may never share those words again

You never know
What you might end up sharing
When the wind blows
You never know
'Til you try to set sail
You never know
'Til your wings decide to open up one day
And you get carried away by a breeze that blows

You never know (x4)


Greg Greer: Vocals, Guitar
Barbara H. Nashold: Vocals

©2004 Gregory A. Greer

updated: 7 years ago