play Oooeee-Sha-Sha (Footprints As We Go)


There's still a little sunlight in your face now, baby
Sure 'nuff a little twinkle in your eye
Yeah there's mischief burning while the music's playing
And there's no need to wonder why

There's two cars parked in a single space
Two tickets and they're ready to go
There's food and wine that we're gonna taste
In those countries far below

Oh my baby
Take it easy, take it slow
Moonlight baby
Makin' footprints as we go

The sugar cane that grows so sweet
And the birds can know your name
And the music plays like a carnival
And the people feel no shame

Let your hair down and drop all your worries
At the door before you leave
Pay the man what you owe and just leave the rest
And steal away like a thief


Put your cell phone in a lock box
Have them forward all of your calls
Make sure the cat's got enough food to eat
Make sure somebody's walkin' your dog

Make sure you scream at the airport
before you get on the plane
See you later alligator, I'll have to catch you later
'Cause freedom is my name

(Chorus x4)


Greg Greer: Vocals, Guitar
Barbara H.  Nashold: Vocals

©2004 Gregory A. Greer

updated: 7 years ago