i am

from Poetry and Prose

i am
the anchor to the sun
the sprinter before the run
the pause before the night
the wing that longs for flight

i am
the marrow that loves the bone
the seed the fruit has sown
the ant the eater eats
the presence of peace

i am
the asking without words
the honey the bees have stirred
the tendril entwining light
the black that knows the white

i am
the dreamer dreaming dreams
the rock that guides the stream
the heat that burns the fire
the shaman reaching higher

i am
the heartbeat in the tone
the hearthside of the home
the hope in hopeless nights
the rooster who will not fight

i am
the bird who calls the dawn
the lover loving long
the weight that lifts the stone
the wish that finds its home

March 24, 2010

©2010 Helena Nash

updated: 7 years ago