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Each June, Quiet Valley Ranch near Kerrville, Texas becomes a powerful wellspring of music and wonderful energy during the Kerrville Folk Festival. In the quiet months, Greg and Helena and bus Gracie have occasionally stayed on the ranch. This song of searching and hope was written by Greg one still January day. As he completed the final phrase, he knew that it was for Helena to sing.

Trying to keep my head above water
Trying to learn how to swim
Trying to keep from going under
Putting hands where faith has been

Those places where I seem to fall
Are only where I've been that's
What I've seen
Who I've touched
Who I've lost
Who I've loved
What is blind
What is sight
Maybe I'll come out alright
Fears I've left
With swollen eyes
Doors I've opened up to sight
Trembling hands
Broken hearts
Loving myself to the point
To believe

Why are the prophets crying
What visions have they seen
Just pennies in our pockets
For a lucky streak
Words no longer sacred
Overloaded minds
It's a road less traveled
That finds compassion's time


Prayers will be my refuge
Hope will heal my soul
Time will only listen
To what the ancients know


Prayer will be my refuge
Hope will heal my soul


Lyrics & Music by Gregory A. Greer
Vocals by Helena Nash

©2008 Gregory A. Greer

updated: 7 years ago