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One big sky Texas day Greg sat in a tiny locksmith shop in south Austin and looked on while locksmith Dave made a key for a beautiful woman at the drive-up window. Greg thought, "What if instead of fixing broken locks, there were a locksmith who could fix broken hearts?"

A small square in a parking lot
He could fix any lock you got
Some say he could mend a broken heart
At least she hoped and prayed

She didn't care her hair a mess
The tears just running down her dress
She pulled up to his window, stains around her eyes
Oh, how she cried

Mr. Lock Man, can't you see I've done it again
Mr. Lock Man, won't you help me mend these pieces up
Mr. Lock Man, maybe someday I will understand
Mr. Lock Man, help me mend my love

He reached out and touched her hand
She knew right away he'd understand
She said, "I know this thing is broken,
I've torn it all apart "
It's my broken heart"


As she pulled her hand away
A smile shone across her face
She said, "I think I'm feeling better.
You know it's true what they say,
you took my pain away"

He said, "I've been doing this awhile,
but it sure is nice to see you smile"
Then he smiled to himself
As she slowly drove away
Into another day



Greg Greer: Vocals, Guitar
Helena Nash: Vocals

©2008 Gregory A. Greer
Lyrics & Music by Greg Greer
Site #62 - 6:30AM at Lone Star RV Park
Austin, Texas - Thursday, March 25, 2004

updated: 7 years ago