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Having just gratefully arrived at the Kerrville Folk Festival during a heart heavy time, Helena was still carrying with her a weariness of road and spirit, feeling very much like a wandering seed in want of nurturing water and earth.

Where is my home?
Where do I belong?
Where am I going?
How can I stay strong?
Where is my home?
Where can I breathe?
Bless me with water
Plant this wandering seed
Where is my home?

He was just seven
When his family changed
Since daddy left them
His heart was never the same
There was a hole
That nothing could fill
So he took to wandering
And he's wondering still


She's taken the anger
And bottled her tears
Put a spell on the rising wind
To blow her away from here
She says I am weary
Starting again
Like shadows on a moonless night
The darkness sets in



Helena Nash: Vocals
Greg Greer: Vocals, Guitar

©2008 Helena Nash
Lyrics & Music by Helena Nash
Written May 25, 2006 in Gracie
At Kerrville Folk Festival

updated: 7 years ago