Our Children Speak For Us All

from New Lyrics - Unreleased Songs

The moon on the lake is a shimmering light
The stars in my eyes are gifts from the night
This quiet I treasure feeds my soul
The forest around me so long my home

The moss on the rocks is the softest of beds
As I lay down my heart and cushion my head
I’ve come here since I was a child
My playground, my teacher, this call of the wild

Now I raise my voice to sing with the frogs
Save us from the logger’s saw

These hills that I climb are as old as the wind
The trees below, the breath I breathe in
Our Children’s Forest plays in the light
Sways with the waters and heartbeats of life

I call into the rain that falls
Save us from the logger’s saw

What is the price of a parcel of air
The value of a tree that lives there
What if a council of creatures could make
A covenant forever, let no logger take

The trees, the wolves, the salmon stream
Ferns and mosses, the owl’s dreams
All daughters and sons, each red-legged frog
Lizards, birds, this home to us all

And now our children speak for us all
Save us from the logger’s saw
Save us from the logger’s saw



Lyrics & Music by Helena Nash (July 18, 2012)

Please contact thechildrensforest@gmail.com to help the Forest Trust for the Children of Cortes Island purchase and preserve five parcels of land that will otherwise be clear-cut (cut to the ground and shipped to Asia). The land will be held in perpetuity for the children of Cortes and all who visit. We are only asking $5 and for you to tell five friends. That's it. Small action, big change. Thank you!!!!!!

Fundraising Campaign launches on September 28, 2012 (give $5 and tell five friends).

©2012 Helena Nash

updated: 5 years ago