Soggy Cereal

from New Lyrics - Unreleased Songs

Sit down to my breakfast
Smile upon my face
Gazing at the countryside
Far from that old rat race

Banana in the bowl today
Milk and grain below
Got an inspiration
Shoot, its soggy cereal

Soggy cereal again
While I sing this song
Can’t ignore the music comin’ to me
Gotta write or it’s all wrong

Soggy cereal again
While these words get wrote
Gotta pick up that guitar right now
Before the song goes up in smoke

Lawnchair at my ma & pa’s
Here in the Lone Star State
Nephews up the climbing tree
Think I’ll head that way

Suddenly a thought flies by
Like a butterfly on speed
I swear I try to look the other way
But my eyes won’t listen to me


Well I can’t help my writing ways
Forgive me, I must run
Gotta break our zen and find a pen
Or I won’t be no fun

I have to write these songs you see
Or I’ll likely explode
The world will come right to an end
And I won’t breathe no more



by Helena Nash
Started in 2004 at Quiet Valley Ranch, Finished 2012

Helena Nash

updated: 6 years ago