What I Wouldn't Give

from New Lyrics - Unreleased Songs

I will never know where the winds have blown before me
I will never see what hands were laid upon you
I can only see the pain you carry with you
In my arms I hold you now

I will never know what highways laid before you
Or the truckers who were your bus ride to school
Scarlet was the color in your dreams, you said
So while you sleep I hold you now

What I wouldn't give to release you
From the thoughts that fly inside your head
What I wouldn't give to simply love you
I am here, I hold you now

I will always look for the good I see inside you
When you're lost in the darkness swimming in your head
And I will lay the rainbow out before you
Rest your mind, I hold you now


No fear, I hold you now
Breathe with me, I hold you now
Always know I'm holding you...

©2008 Helena Nash

updated: 7 years ago