Bless This Home

from New Lyrics - Unreleased Songs

I would wish for us 10,000 moons
To ask our questions and play our tunes
For the birds and the trees of this mountain land
And the love that joins our sweet strong hands

And I would play all the notes for you
And you'd sing the lyrics to carry us through
I would wind down that river and know that it's gold
And reach for the hearthstone whenever we're cold

Bless this home – bless this home – bless this home

Full moon riding bareback and free
Race ya to the frog pond, water and just me
Swimming through the starlight, sunshine and rain
When lightning draws close we will gather the flame


We can swim the Grand Canyon
And hitchhike in France
Learn Athabaskan
See Lipizzans dance

We can climb the Himalayas
Look an emu in the face
But there's no better spot
Than our little place


You can take all my money
Though I'd rather you don't
And take my daydreaming
Though I know you won't

I'll give you all my kisses
And drop to my knee
Just to look up at you
And say what I see


©2010 Helena Nash

updated: 7 years ago