Music, Family, Gratitude!

Nephews and Helena

Nephews and Helena!

Reflecting on my 12th year at the Kerrville Folk Festival while visiting family in Illinois on the way back to my home in Portland, Maine.

I texted this to my sweetie while I was at the festival: “Kerrville is always a time of introspection and expansion for me. A time to reflect upon my life and to enliven those areas that ask to be enlivened. To remind myself what wishes to be born. A time to sit in gratitude and jubilantly share the joy of connection with my community.

A time to love and be loved. A time to hear and be heard, to celebrate and activate the voice that lives in me always, waiting to come alive in song. A time to remind myself to lay aside fear and limitation, because I see and feel so clearly how much it matters to people here that I be my full light and share my full voice. They reflect back the most beautiful light in themselves as well.

There is often for me and many a sort of rebirth that happens here every year. A resounding YES that reverberates through the months ahead as we live our lives, until again it is renewed when it’s time to return to Quiet Valley Ranch.

Thank you, Kerrville, for all the gifts of love and music that you bless my life with, and I am ever so grateful for the ways in which moments always arrive thought which I can serve by helping to bring those gifts to others experiences here, as well.”

I’m thankful for so many things, including significant improvements in my health once I discovered that mold was a source of major problems (and probably had been for years). I’m grateful to be feeling much more energetic and vital. As I continue to attend to my health, I’m also expanding my music and other activities once again!

Live music by Helena in Maine: On August 5, 2015, I invite you to join me for a very special concert as I sing in the sunset on Hacker’s Hill in Casco, Maine. Picture your blanket/chair and a picnic spread out on a hillside with 360 degree views. The concert start time is to be confirmed and music will be played until sunset. Proceeds will benefit Loon Echo Land Trust. Guest Artist TBA. Rain Date August 6.

A TV/Internet pilot in California: An interesting children’s educational program is in development in California with Dennis Sakamoto. More to be announced as that evolves.

Joy for your summertime fun!!

updated: 8 months ago