Cortes Island's Amazing Forests

Cortes Island039s Amazing Forests
Hello, beautiful beings. I hope that your lives have been filled with many joy-filled, growth-filled and peaceful moments.

Much of my focus in recent months has been in support of forest land on Cortes Island in BC Canada. I feel such powerful resonance with the land here.

In short, what's happening is that the industrial logging clear-cut model is scheduled to be applied to several thousand acres of land on Cortes Island. The loggers arrived yesterday to begin destroying one piece of land, with most logs to be shipped directly to China.

If this happens the islanders and the planet will be left with a large stretch of ravaged earth, destroyed wetlands (the provisions in place for wetlands are deeply inadequate), further endangerment to endangered species and a loss of habitat for many plants and animals. That's not even counting the impact on future tourism, shellfishing and many other aspects of life here, including available drinking water and quality of life. So far a blockade has kept the industrial loggers from going in, but I'm sure they will file for an injunction to cause the blockade to be legally stopped. This is privately held land owned by a corporation; profit is quite clearly the only interest here.

We are past the point where our planet can handle more of this behavior. To me this is no different than slavery or the women's right to vote. It's always been wrong to rape the earth this way, and it's time to say "no," and develop and enforce a new model of sustainable forestry. These beautiful old-growth (hundreds of years) and second growth (since the early 1900's) forests are an excellent place to draw the line in the sand. I am doing what I can to help. It's hard to describe in words what it feels like to be in these forests. I would wish that all people might have a chance to experience a place like this.

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Also see where I am living right now. A very, very special piece of land called Channel Rock aka "The Protected Place":

I wrote this song for my own heart and for 600 acres of land that has been designated the Children's Forest here on Cortes Island. Children from Cortes along with the Forest Trust for the Children of Cortes Island are working to raise funds to purchase this land, after which it will be held in perpetuity as a living classroom and forest preserve 'offering educational, recreational, cultural and spiritual value for all our children'.

Our Children Speak For Us All
© 2012 Helena Nash
(Lyrics & Music July 18, 2012)

The moon on the lake is a shimmering light
The stars in my eyes are gifts from the night
This quiet I treasure feeds my soul
The forest around me so long my home

The moss on the rocks is the softest of beds
As I lay down my heart and cushion my head
I’ve come here since I was a child
My playground, my teacher, this call of the wild

Now I raise my voice to sing with the frogs
Save us from the logger’s saw

These hills that I climb are as old as the wind
The trees below, the breath I breathe in
Our Children’s Forest plays in the light
Sways with the waters and heartbeats of life

Now I call into the rain that falls
Save us from the logger’s saw

What is the price of a parcel of air
The value of a tree that lives there
What if a council of creatures could make
A covenant forever, let no logger take

The trees, the wolves, the salmon stream
Ferns and mosses, the owl’s dreams
All daughters and sons, each red-legged frog
Lizards, birds, this home to us all

And now our children speak for us all
Save us from the logger’s saw


Children's Forest Web Site

It is not just what we do, but HOW we do it... always with love and integrity, and taking special care to love those who make decisions that feel deeply out of alignment to us. This is not abstract or weak, but very real and powerful. It's from this place of love and my sense of truth that I make choices and act, as I do now.

Love and gratitude,

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