Maine, Peace and Feminine Leadership

Maine Peace and Feminine Leadership
Maine is a beautiful place to be in the Fall. Fresh air, fall color and lots of root vegetables!

I’m living in Bath, Maine, and offering my Chaos To Clarity organizing services in Portland, Freeport, Brunswick and surrounding areas. I clear clutter, encourage efficiency and help empower my clients, often in ways that go beyond what they were expecting. Love that!

I also sing on recording projects. There’s a great recording studio nearby to readily add harmony tracks to mixes. Ah, the modern digital recording world! Or I can fly out to record. Recently I sang on Shantala's kirtan album, "Jaya!" in Portland, Oregon, as well as C.C. White's "This IS Soul Kirtan" in Los Angeles.

I’m spending time most evenings with a wood stove. We had one growing up, and fires always feel SO good to me. Feels like home in an abiding way.

I’ve been exploring Rachel Jayne Groover’s perspectives and insights about feminine spirituality and leadership. I’ve been working on that one for awhile now. How do women – how do I – live through my natural energies, rather than morphing myself into a mostly masculine version of what I am. I’m nurturing and I’m strong with harmonizing, whether that be music or people’s physical homes and offices or their lives. As independent as I am in many ways, I really am designed to work best with others. I also require time for deep quiet and space, for my own regeneration and reflection and the generation of new ideas and solutions. Honoring that has become important to me. Yoga is part of that.

In short, how can I be what I most wholly am, and have that energy enliven my passion and power and currency, as well as my quiet spaces?

In terms of personal priorities, on the top of my list at this time in my life is peace. I suspect it's going to stay at the top of my list for the duration, too! I seek to embody ease throughout all the layers of me, as I actively grow and participate in the unfolding of life. We talk about peace a lot in this world, and we know it always starts with ourselves. And how wonderful it feels in the times we're experiencing that internal state!

I also recently took the Strengthsfinder 2.0 test which points out that most of us spend most of our time working on our weaknesses and very little time working on, using and enjoying our strengths. There's a pervasive cowboy do-it-all-ourselves mentality that we prize in the US. And some of our most prized heroes are people who came to do what they were initially ill-suited for and terrible at. While I can appreciate that kind of dedication, what if people dedicated themselves to work based in the natural strengths that they came into this world with? And then teamed up with others who have complementary strengths... That sounds like an set-up for powerful, joyful, loving work!

My top five themes with super brief descriptions are:
Connectedness: Sees the interrelation of everything that is.
Intellection: Likes to think and be introspective.
Developer: Sees the potential in others and encourages their growth.
Learner: Loves to learn as an ongoing life process, not just an endpoint goal.
Relator: Values genuine and close relationship.

What are your strengths and how do they complement others in your life? (You need a code to take the test - I bought the book.)

In a sense, my music comes from all those places. Many people have told me that my album, Painting A Moving Train, has helped them through challenging passages and given them support to move into new phases of their lives. Maybe, the album will speak to you too. If I don't offer that gift, then it stays closed up in a box - literally, in this case... Listen and Order Painting A Moving Train

Much love to you all,

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