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Walking in the Clouds

Walking in the Clouds - Venice, California

September finds me on the West Coast. I just recorded on Shantala's beautiful new album a week ago, and this weekend I'm heading out to Joshua Tree for Bhakti Fest. I'll be singing with Shantala and Sirgun Kaur and working with the main stage sound crew. Singing harmonies - still my very favorite thing after all these years of living and making music. My place of joy and flight.

I moved to Maine last month, a mere 3000+ miles from Venice, California, where I lived for a year and a half. It's a beautiful change. In Maine, I've shared more time with the ocean ON the ocean than I ever have before. Sailing with Randall. I'm so grateful to be back in trees and dark, starry skies. Driving solo the 50 hours from Venice to Maine was a reminder for me of how much I resonate with green. The spaciousness and immense silence of the desert can be wonderful in it's own way, but green feeds me! Lots of great things happening in my personal life, too. Gratitude, gratitude.

I find myself thinking a lot about our unique gifts, yours and mine, and where and how to share them most powerfully, wholly and lovingly. I tend to write a lot in non-public spheres, while so many people liberally utilize Facebook and blogs and such to share with others. I wonder about mentors and where they come from in our 2011 world. Many reach us through the internet.

I think everyone has something to teach. I also think that some have become more wise with inquiry and silence and listening and other ways of connecting. I may humbly begin to share more of what I have learned. The pathway to insights is unending and bountiful.

I wonder what you are hungering to learn and understand more deeply. Spirit things? Health things? Spirit, heart, mind, emotions, body?

And how can my singing and speaking voice best be used to serve. You.

Love, gratitude and always harmony,

updated: 8 months ago