A whole year? But what a year!

What a gift to know that you are where you're "supposed to be." That's just how it feels, and I am most grateful. Still in Venice, California, and I continue to meet special people, have special conversations, and be present for special occurrences of healing and transformation - and music! Yes!!!

Check out the presence of my song "Mama Paris" on Canadian electronica collective Bran Van 3000's new album "The Garden," scheduled for release on October 19, 2010. Producer James Di Salvio took a shine to "Mama Paris" awhile back and it became the basis for a new arrangement with reggae and lots of other influences. Oh, and my voice is pitch-shifted! Listen/Buy the BV3 album "The Garden" or the song "Journey" on iTunes.

I have been living in the same place for almost a year now, three blocks from the ocean and "my" yoga studio Studio Surya Yoga, and I love it here. My life is rich with friends, some west-coasters and others scattered around the globe. It is also rich with moments in which I am serving by just being present and letting good work be done, whether it's singing or healing or helping to produce Bhakti Fest. Or helping my clients to de-clutter and get good energy flowing through my Chaos2Clarity professional organizer business.

I turned 40 in June, too, and it's a beautiful time of life! Of course, I plan to think of ALL the times of life as beautiful. Each moment has its gift, and that's the truth.

In May and June I shared time with dear friends and stellar musicians (some folks a combination of the two) during our annual pilgrimage to the Kerrville Folk Festival in Kerrville, Texas. I stayed on my tour bus, Gracie, who's presently out to pasture there at Quiet Valley Ranch. I'm thinking about selling her, if anyone's interested. She's like a long studio apartment inside. Comfy queen bed, desk, kitchen, big tub with shower head (okay, so it's a whirlpool tub, too - seriously). I LOVE staying in her. I have actually been thinking about proposing that she be turned into a songwriter retreat. What better place than Quiet Valley Ranch, home of the Kerrville Folk Festival, for such an opportunity. And a GEN-U-INE tour bus, too. I lived in her for something close to three years, touring all over Texas, the Midwest and the North- and Southeast 2003-2006.

I also experienced the pleasure this summer of sharing time with family in Illinois and Wisconsin while my brother and his wife and three kids were down from Alaska. Mom and Dad and all three of my siblings were there. The garden was in its early stages of bearing the fruits of my dad and sister's spring labors. The mulberries were in, too - yum (I like both the fresh-off-the-tree and put-'em-in-a-pie routes)! More gratitude for all of it. And this goes without saying, but, boy, those kids grow fast! All the boys were taught sign language before they could talk, and the youngest was signing all kinds of stuff at the time, and mixing more words in every day.

Next week I am playing a set at Ghengis Cohen in West Hollywood. Don't tell anyone, but as many shows as I've sung and played, this will be my first solo set ever on guitar. It's time to step into that! I've also been singing more kirtan and have been asked to record on a number of projects, some of which have come to fruition and some of which are still in production. Kirtan, movie soundtrack, folk and singer-songwriter albums... Singing harmonies is my very favorite thing. It's like breathing - like breathing joy, actually.

I finished a couple of songs recently and made progress on some others. "Open To" is rich with imagery and has that push and pull of the the melodies rubbing on the chords that I love so much.

Opening lines of Open To
©2010 Helena Nash
Read complete "Open To" lyrics here.

Verse 1:
Singing in the darkness
There I find the light
Feeling for the markers
To guide my sight

Beads between the fingers
Prayer flags on the wire
Kneel into the sweat lodge
Breathe into the fire

Hear the raven calling
Fearless in his flight
Rest in his protection
Let the winds tell time

Faith is believing
When the moment arrives
Your feet will stand on something
Or you'll be taught to fly

I am open
I release
I am open to all that the door could open to
I am open to...

"Bless This Home" is a sweet mountain love song duet. Awww... Wrote that in Illinois in the middle of the night in the sun parlor of the house where my grandma used to live, and where my dad grew up (and which my great-great grandparents built). In the flattest land you can imagine!

Excerpt from Bless This Home
Also ©2010 Helena Nash
Read complete "Bless This Home" lyrics here.

I would wish for us 10,000 moons
To ask our questions and play our tunes
For the birds and the trees of this mountain land
And the love that joins our sweet strong hands

And I would play all the notes for you
And you'd sing the lyrics to carry us through
I would wind down that river and know that it's gold
And reach for the hearthstone whenever we're cold

Bless this home - bless this home - bless this home

Sending a stream of love and light out to everyone, and especially to you reading this now.

I hope you have fun carving pumpkins and roasting the seeds while making your creations. Joyful harvest to all the folks engaged in that good work, including my family back home (in the garden and my brother's corn and soybean fields).

In gratitude and harmony,

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