"Helena Nash is a voice to listen for."
Steve Clarke, Acoustic Planet Radio, Erin ON, Canada

"Nash's voice is so soulful it magically transforms whatever she sings."
Len Righi, The Morning Call, Allentown, PA, USA

Short Bio (2017):
Helena Nash creates soundscapes and songs for healing, stress release, and spiritual and emotional connection. She brings her work to yoga studios, healing centers and other heart-centered spaces. Helena’s evocative voice and shimmering harmonies create a soulful, modern sound with an ancient backbone, while her luminous spirit and joy of singing shine brightly through. Her gentle guitar playing often accompanies her voice.

“The voice is the most ancient instrument of all, and when it’s used with the intention of healing and helping, its rich and fluid qualities help people to experience a sense of harmony and home within themselves. The vibration of a loving voice can be a significant aid to feeling healthy and peacefully present.”

Helena toured full-time with music from 2003-2008 throughout the US and Canada in two duos, during which time she recorded two albums. She then lived in Austin and Venice Beach before settling in Portland, Maine. Helena is certified in Yoga Nidra and holds a degree in music from Monmouth College.

Long Bio (2008):
Helena Nash has emerged as one of the finest harmony singers on the acoustic folk stage today. Her evocative voice and shimmering harmonies create a soulful, modern sound with an ancient backbone. Helena's luminous spirit and joy of singing shine brightly through her music. In the words of fan Jer Lesman, "I've never seen anyone glow the way Helena does when she sings."

The themes Helena touches on in her music mirror her modern yet timeless sensibility, telling stories that might have resonated in a human heart at any period of history. Helena's primary instrument is her voice: a warm, rich, supple instrument that expresses many styles of music and creates adept and inventive improvisations that light up the corners of many of her songs. Her ever-evolving guitar-playing adds a rhythmic spirit to her sets.

Helena's harmonies have been recorded on projects across the US. The latest release featuring Helena's music is Canadian electronica collective Bran Van 3000's "The Journey" on the October 2010 album "The Garden." Taking a shine to Helena's a capella spiritual, "Mama Paris, producer James Di Silvio created a 6:00 reggae- and world music-infused arrangement that includes a creative pitch shift of Helena's voice and additional lyrics, putting a distinctly new spin on the song.

Now based in Freeport, Maine, in a house without wheels, Helena's touring years with folk & soul duo Helena Nash & Greg Greer AKA BUTTERFLY SKY featured a shiny silver tour bus from Texas. The last album from that collaboration, "Painting A Moving Train," was recorded at Leopard Frog Studio in Kingston, ON, Canada and released in 2008. Still playing the occasional show together, the eclectic sound created by Helena's 2007-2008 touring ensemble, Joe Jencks & Helena Nash, invited inventive and powerful expression of Helena's harmonies, as well as showcasing her soulful lead singing.

Steeped in the roots and folk traditions of Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago, Helena also holds a music degree from Monmouth College in Illinois. A former trumpet player of 16 years, she has a dedicated and diverse history as a vocalist. Helena's ensemble experience ranges from a funk-rock band to classical choirs to all manner of jazz ensembles, Dixieland, pop, madrigals, show choirs, theatrical productions, percussive improv, doo-wop, folk, kirtan and soul bands.

Since the time she began to talk, Helena has harbored a love for joining her voice with others and for a making beautiful noise. A picture from the crawling era is displayed in the family album. With dad's red and silver Comet harmonica clamped in smiling mouth, Helena is happily blowing teeth marks into the instrument. Harmony singing with Dad and his guitar began around the age of four, and Helena started performing publicly soon after.

Fast forward through hundreds of ensembles and performing experiences in various educational settings over the next 20 years to find Helena in Chicago in the 1990's involved in music production at several recording facilities, as well as her mastering facility, Colossal Mastering. During this time she served for two years on the Board of Governors for the Chicago Chapter of the Recording Academy ("The Grammy People").

After a 10-year stint in Chicago, in 2003 Helena hit the road, touring full-time with singer-songwriter Greg Greer. They converted a Texas Kerrville Lines coach bus and called it home for the next three years. Billed as BUTTERFLY SKY, the duo lived and played music all over Texas, the Northeast and the Midwest, bringing their signature harmonies to such venues as Steel City Coffee House near Philly, Jefferson Freedom Café in Fort Worth, Texas, and Anderson Fair in Houston. The album "TURN" was released during this time.

In 2008 Helena Nash & Greg Greer released "Painting A Moving Train," recorded in Canada at Leopard Frog Studio with producer/engineer Chris Coleman. Capturing 13 favorite songs from the 2003-2007 touring years, the album is a rich weaving of flavors ranging from the tight two-part harmony of "Dance Around The Fountain" and gospel-infused, layered vocals of "Wandering Seed (Where Is My Home)," to the country-flavored fiddle of "Mr. Lock Man (Mend My Love)" and the bohemian voice- and clarinet-driven, "Abby."

A hallmark of Helena's song choices and writing is a universal embracing of traditions and a celebration of human spirit. "Grace of God," track five on the album, is written in English, Arabic, Sanskrit, Italian and Cherokee, and speaks of "A spirit living through us all / That doesn't want a name." Also penned by Helena, "Wandering Seed (Where Is My Home)" is a gospel-infused soul piece about the search for home and nourishment: "Where is my home / Where can I breathe/Bless me with water/Plant this wandering seed." Her most recent song, the unreleased "Open To" invites faith in the moment: "Faith is believing / When the moment arrives / Your feet will stand on something / Or you'll be taught to fly" and in love "Tread our trail lightly / Talk with trusted tongue / Love as big as the dipper / That pours a billion suns."

"Painting A Moving Train" is available online as a digital download or as a CD to be shipped at www.cdbaby.com/nashgreer.

Helena Nash is a member of American Federation of Musicians Local 1000 (AFM 1000); American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP); North American Folk Music and Dance Alliance (Folk Alliance), National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS, home of the Grammy) and Screen Actors Guild (SAG).

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