For about a year now, I've felt compelled to create a space - a little reading room on the Internet - where knowledge and insight that's come through me can be passed along. Lots of practical stuff and some big picture stuff. This is that space.

I have listened and learned so much from others, friends and leading thinkers alike. I am grateful for the mysterious glow that keeps appearing to light the path as it winds out ahead of me (how does that happen?!).

I am fascinated by what it is to be a HUMAN BEING. We are SPIRIT, BODY and MIND. Without any one of those aspects we'd be some other kind of being. That's how I see it, anyway. I'm intrigued by the possibilities for cultivation of each facet of being, while seeing them also as inextricably intertwined. As human beings it's our job to heal and grow and to seamlessly weave spirit, body and mind together so we are able to live in flow with everyone and everything. Everything is energy, and the nature of energy is to be in constant transformation, and THAT creates tremendous potential!

Dig around. Explore what's useful to you. Or don't. There are as many paths as there are people.

A toast to you with a goblet or a mug of something brewed from Mother Earth. Here's to living in joyfulness, abundance, gratitude, healing and love. :-)

In harmony and light,

updated: 9 years ago